Ask the Mirror Chapter 21: Heaven dies, man dies, and the East China Sea is stained with blood (Happy Chinese New Year)

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In ancient times, there was a Kunpeng. The Kunpeng was so big that I don’t know how many thousands of miles it had. Because of its huge body, it can only swim in the North Ming Dynasty with the help of water; it can move in the South China Sea with the help of wind. Therefore, his ability to control Feng Shui is unparalleled in the world.

The bloodline inheritance that Xiaoyao Bird has just developed is Feng Shui magical power.

The essence of Jiuqu Bishui is pure Yin evil spirit, but the force of its activation, since it is touched by the water shape, will be affected by the supernatural power of Xiaoyao Bird. In front of the waves of Canglang Water, the clear water is drawn diagonally, and an eight-sided siege has been formed. The situation is steep and countercurrent, which inevitably leads to some confusion.

The carefree bird is here, fluttering its wings and flying up, bringing up the water curtain for thousands of feet. The wind howls, blowing the water and scattering it. It looked like a torrential rain, but it sprinkled on the nine-curved blue water, but it caused ripples to appear, like sword water. It turned out to be chaotic, and the threat to Yu Ci was naturally almost non-existent.

The free bird flapped its wings again and flew over it.

Being in the middle of the game, Yu Ci was still calm, but elsewhere, some people were amazed.

Hundreds of miles away from the battlefield, in a suspended tower, a huge water mirror was erected. Affected by the chaotic energy of heaven and earth there, the mirror surface was occasionally distorted, but it roughly showed the battle between Mr. Gai and Mr. Gai.

In the towers, especially on this third floor, there are all the top figures in the cultivation world. They are invited by others to gather here, enjoy the scenery and play, socialize with each other, and exchange knowledge. I never thought that this unexpected incident would spoil our fun.

But they adjusted quickly. Anyway, they had no specific purpose. They just came out to play. As the owner of this building set up the Tianwu Water Mirror, they also watched the battle with interest.

Seeing Xiaoyao Bird waving its wings into the wind and rain at this time, someone said: “The force of this wind and rain can actually limit the momentum of the nine-curved blue water. You must know that this is in the realm of Tomb of Eternity, how can I feel that during this period What do you think of the prototype of the realm?”

“Xiaoyao Bird is originally a strange species from heaven and earth. If it were not for its limited spiritual intelligence, it would definitely be a great demon that dominates the world in a thousand years. It would not be surprising if there is someone who is really innate and smart, can understand Taoism, and can reach the realm of real people.”


One of the two people who participated in the previous “Fighting Talisman Game”, Yijue, a well-known Sanren from Sanhu in the North, was a man of arrogant nature and spoke outright: “The laws of heaven and earth are sparse and not omitted. Since the sky limits one’s spiritual intelligence, and If there is a way to migrate to the Heavenly Waterfall, there will be no other way out for him to trace his ancestral lineage. This must be someone on the back of Xiaoyao Bird.”

At this time, some people also laughed: “They are all Sanren. I wonder who dares to be Mr. Gaida’s rival and is as famous as Master Yi?”

There are discerning people upstairs, and the two of them can tell the difference from the moment they fight each other in the sky. He knew that “Yu Ci”‘s cultivation was only at the Buxu stage, so he used it to make fun of him.

Yi Jue is not annoyed either. Although he has an eccentric temperament, he is always willing to support those who are behind. Otherwise, he would not have the title of “Yishi”. He smiled and said: “This person dares to cultivate with Bu Xu and resist the ‘man in the tomb’. He is really like me back then.” A bit of grace. If so, I bet he can escape safely this time and be famous all over the world 1

“Where’s the lottery?”

“Of course it’s my ‘green teapot’, which happens to be on a par with Master Zhang. It’s hard to decide who it belongs to, so how about leaving it here?”

At that moment, someone slapped the case and said with a smile: “As long as Mr. Zhang is not upset, I will make a bet with you.

While they were joking, the fighting over there had entered a fierce stage.

Xiaoyao Bird’s newly unsealed bloodline magical power is obviously more powerful against the already mature Realm Realm. After the initial interference, its wind and rain influence on the Tomb of Eternity Realm has been greatly reduced. shrinking rapidly.

However, within his body, the huge changes brought about by the future star tribulations are still proceeding at a rapid speed. In the deepest part of Xiaoyao Bird’s soul, a mysterious seed was formed. At the same time, the message of its bloodline changes was also burned into the seed, with the intention of transmitting it through the preset communication channel.

However, since psychic witchcraft has always connected Xiaoyaoniao and Yu Ci, as the provider of the method, Yu Ci naturally became a node through which the message must pass.

Then, the next thing is very simple. Under the trap of the three-party vitality, nothing can escape from it. Even Yu Ci himself only used tricky methods to flexibly control this ” It’s just a ban.” Therefore, the message, and the power brought out at the same time, were locked into Cheng Qitian.

It also created a direct mental connection between Yu Ci and Xiaoyaoniao, without the need to pass through You Rui.

At this time, Yu Ci’s order has also reached the second stage. Xiaoyao Bird takes advantage of the influence of Feng Shui’s magical power to travel through the void again. Now that the Sanyin Uncovered Dharma Body has been destroyed, it is difficult for Mr. Gai Da to escape from the impact of traveling through the void by escaping into the Tomb of Eternity. This is undoubtedly the best way to escape.

But at this moment, the Yin Tomb realm suddenly shrank.

The change in scope is only superficial. The real impact is the surge of vitality, which actually has the effect of imprisoning the void. After traveling nine times in a row, Mr. Gaida finally found some clues and used the realm to forcibly distort the sky, interrupting Xiaoyao Bird’s magical ability to travel through the void.

This interference is undoubtedly only temporary, but isn’t this a little chance what he needs?

The void shuttle failed, the distance between the two sides instantly shortened, and the impact was inevitable.

Yu Ci glanced at You Rui, directly raised the Invisible Sword of Taichu and walked in. But after all, it was in other people’s realm. After the first sneak attack, the Invisible Sword of Taichu was no longer so secret. Mr. Gai Da suffered a loss and became more sensitive and scrupulous. Yu Ci simply left it hanging. No less, they maintained their deterrence, and the one who really attacked was Ada, who had just started the bloodline inheritance.

The Xiaoyao Bird bravely moved forward in the waves, but at this moment, Mr. Gaida took back the nine-curved clear water, and a change in the void was Cui Wei, a mountain rock.

In the realm, the void is replaced in just a thought. Now Xiaoyao Bird could no longer use its Feng Shui magical power, and Mr. Gai Da didn’t give it any chance to react. Strange rocks like wolf fangs, ferocious and terrifying, lay horizontally in the air, causing A Da to “hit the mountain” directly.

Before he could recover from the dizzy situation, Mr. Gai Da, who was standing on the Tomb of Eternity, had already stretched out his hand. Where his fingertips were pointing, the color of the realm of the Yin Tomb became darker and darker, and the Yin Qi was tempered to the extreme. , swallowing all Yang energy, including life. He vowed to drag Yu Ci and Xiaoyao Bird directly down to the underworld.

This is the secret “Nine Nether Wheel Fingers” of Yinshan Mountain. Once successful, Yu Ci, You Rui and Xiaoyao Bird will all be drained of their yang energy, turned into yin and evil objects, and stored in the Tomb of Eternity. Become a ghost.

Yu Ci was protected by the true intention of Tianlong, which was a little better, but Yourui’s jade body was already so cold that her whole body seemed to have fallen into an ice cave, and her thoughts seemed to be frozen, but she tried her best to maintain He is wise and intelligent. This was not a desperate struggle, but a wonderful act of faith.

At this moment, she suddenly heard a sharp shout: “Go 1

Yourui was slightly stunned, but without any doubt or hesitation. The spirit shaman activated his transcendental power and the void opened. She jumped with all her strength, threw herself into it, and then disappeared.

Mr. Gai Da’s heart tightened. This was a completely different magical mode from that of Xiaoyao Bird. He couldn’t restrict it. What’s more, he was not good at void magical powers. After the initial confinement took effect, his stamina had already declined sharply. . On the other hand, the way the witch escaped caused his realm to be sealed off, creating a gap in the rules.

There is no need to doubt Yu Ci’s ability to catch the fighter plane. The invisible sword of Taichu found an opening and went straight forward. In the blink of an eye, the sword edge reached the back of Mr. Gai Da’s head.


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