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The qi of the thirteen monks are blended together, and the qi shines outside, connecting like a wall. Of course, there are many flaws inside, which are far from being unified. They can be used to protect when moving at high speed. , which is almost enough.

The distance between the starting position and the place where the unlucky monk died was not far away, and he quickly ran over there. At this time, the rear was no longer entangled with sword energy and sword light in the air, but a huge wave, wind and snow directly confronting him. It shows that the sword array has entered the stage of frontal fighting.

This move of theirs happened to give way to the forward.

Not to mention anything else, just this transfer made most people recognize Jiuyan’s command.

Exquisite timing, effective mobilization, especially the wonderful command method

Suddenly someone let out a low cry, and in the formation that had formed a whole, a person appeared out of thin air. Although he was confused and did not know what he looked like from east to west, from the look of his face and aura, it was clear that he had been hanged just now. The unlucky monk turned into **** mud.

This change was too sudden, and there was a low roar in the formation. At this time, Jiuyan’s second command also penetrated into the heart through the sword intention:

“Turn left 1

Some kind of wonderful power spread from the heart, causing the monks to instinctively follow Jiuyan’s instructions and lead the formation with people. The entire formation turned left, and the monk who had obviously not recovered yet was wrapped in the formation. , swept away in one shot.

In front of the side, one part of the Lunjianxuan sword formation protruded forward, and the sword energy soared into the sky, intending to cut off the sword ants’ formation. Regardless of the result, it happened to create a barrier for the monks.

This time the command was equally precise!

During this period, Duanmu Senqiu praised loudly: “Good illusion 1

At this time, all the monks realized that the formation was shifting, and they just happened to gather the monk who had somehow saved his life. Who else could do this except Jiuyan?

As for whether what saved his life was an illusion or not, that’s not a problem.

Even if no one has any deep friendship with the monk who escaped from death, this kind of thing can boost morale after all. For a time, there was a thunderous sound and the momentum surged.

The monk who narrowly escaped death was still mentally confused. Fortunately, he was involved in the formation and would not be strangled again.

He was awakened by the cheers and heard Duanmu Senqiu’s voice, but


The feeling between life and death was so intense that he himself was confused and could not confirm what method was used to save his life, but in the deepest part of his heart, he had doubts that could not be eliminated:

Just an illusion? How did I survive being strangled with a sword?

The feeling of being torn apart by sword intent and sword energy and limbs is so clear, is that also an illusion?

The doubts did not last long, and he was soon awakened by the sword intent that pierced his heart. At this time, he had no right to be in a daze, so he could only shout, “The grace of saving my life will never be forgotten.” In an instant, he was gone. Integrating into the formation, he moved again with the monks.

Until this moment, Shang He and other Shengsheng Zhenren truly realized the strangeness of the information being transmitted during the transfer:

The sword’s intention enters the heart and contains such clear information. It is not just some kind of sign or communication, it is like the great supernatural power of “other minds”!

Is this what a Buxu monk can do?

Yu Ci felt that he was being stared at several times, but at this time, most of his energy was focused on grasping the current situation and he ignored it.

At this moment, the confrontation between the sword and knife formations of the two sides has reached a feverish stage. The formations of both sides are intertwined. At the forefront of the battle, many monks can no longer hide their figures. Often, the wind and snow have dispersed, and their bodies are splashed with blood; The waves shattered and the knife ants broke their legs. This was due to the influence of the sword and the sword on each other, which increasingly tested the changes in the formations of both sides.

Both the sword formation and the knife formation are on the verge of disintegration. Under each other’s suppression and attack, no one can maintain a neat formation, but the war has just begun, because although the formation is dispersed, other The meaning still exists, just because the form is dispersed but the intention is not dispersed.

Just like Lunjianxuan, as long as the sword intentions are still consistent and the Qi movement is still connected, even if it is difficult to complete the formation, three or two people can get together and instantly activate the subtle changes of the sword formation, changing the sword in front of them. The ants are strangled, just like the wind and snow, gathering and scattering at times, but in the final analysis, it still has the same meaning as the falling snow that spreads across the world.

“Compared with Wan Teng Mountain, Peng Suo can jump into the river, and all the five directions will wipe their necks 1

Having seen three different sword formations and different people wielding them, Yu Ci could feel the difference between them.

Excluding Li Bocai, the swordsman who could use the sword formation as a plaything, compared to Peng Suo and Wufang Jieyin, Wan Tengshan’s command and control of the sword formation has indeed reached the point of perfection, and has long been cleared. With the accumulation of shape blocks, no matter how confusing and confusing the situation is, you can still grasp the true meaning of that sword formation, and then derive layer upon layer of changes from it, without losing anything, and it is consistent and admirable.

In a sense, Qi Baiyi, who has been fighting at the front, is under his control. Of course, this should be some kind of deeper cooperation, the result of the joint efforts of Qi and Wan, but even so , can also be seen:

The achievements of Wan Teng Mountain in the future will definitely be limitless!

There is no doubt that such changes in the sword formation require extremely high rhythm control.

Wantengshan controls all this and can ignore it;

Qi Baiyi’s cultivation level is a head higher, so that’s no problem;

Other monks of Lunjianxuan were guided by the sword intention of Wan Tengshan, and they followed suit and could keep up;

With their excellent reactions, Shang He and other real people are not required to keep up with the rhythm, but they will not cause trouble;

But going forward, the few Buxu monks are really beyond their capabilities. Really trapped in the middle of the two formations, one wrong step, one wrong step, one wrong step, one step is messed up, and there is no other possibility except being minced by the killing formations on both sides.

This matter may have been expected by Wan Tengshan, and there were hints, but it was not fully revealed.

According to the “normal process”, at this moment, several Buxu monks have turned into blood mud and are dead. Even the Yang God will be swallowed up by the demon. The things here have nothing to do with them anymore. . But with Yu Ci’s intervention, the situation has completely changed.

Yu Ci led the group of people without any pause, and made several more turns. Most of the time, he took advantage of the current situation of strangulation and melee between the two sides, and cleverly used the monks of Lunjianxuan as a barrier to block the invasion of knife ants. ; But sometimes he took extreme risks and directly broke into the position where the two sides were facing each other, and was strangled by both sides. Although the energy flow was connected and the barrier was tough, after two or three returns, everyone was injured, but fortunately no one died.

But not to mention the former situation, the latter kind of crisis often exists for a very brief moment, then whizzes by, and then the crisis is turned into safety.

After several times, the monks have become accustomed to it and no longer think for themselves. They just follow the guidance of Jiuyan’s embedded sword intention and run back and forth. Until a certain moment, Jiuyan suddenly shouted:

“Stop 1


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