All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 4648: The Young Queen Mother (12)


【Everyone is begging the villain heroine to be a human being】【】

“Has he really performed magic in front of everyone?” Qian Yan asked again.

This world does have a little bit of aura, so it’s not surprising that there are some decent people.

But she always felt that the imperial master was not very capable, otherwise he would not have figured out that Yu Yueqiang could help the Chu dynasty continue for three hundred years.

That’s three hundred years. Looking at history, how many dynasties can reach three hundred years? The national master seems to be a bit unsure of how much luck is required for the existence of a dynasty, especially its continuation.

Yongxue thought for a moment and shook her head: “No one has seen this with their own eyes. It is said that if the Imperial Master really wants to cast a spell, he will never do it in front of others.”

Qian Yan lowered her eyes, then she felt that the Imperial Master was a liar.

It is nonsense to continue for three hundred years.

She had a guess. It was probably Yu Yueqiang who appeared out of thin air. The old emperor had an imperial advisor by his side, so naturally he had to ask the imperial advisor before taking action.

The imperial master must come up with some nonsense to send the old emperor away. He cannot say monster, he must say good things and good omens to make the old emperor happy. As for the three hundred years of nonsense, it is probably just a casual statement. The Chu Dynasty is still very stable. If nothing goes wrong, there will be no changes in the next hundred years.

By that time, the National Preceptor himself will probably be gone. Who can hold him accountable?

Speaking of which, Tai Qian didn’t change much in the past two days. It seems that you have changed as before. I really treat you as a human being.

The pants are not too tight.

In those few days, both Chu Mochen and Chen came over. I was so busy that I could ruin all my clothes, shoes and socks in a thousand years. Yu Yue had someone send them over at night, and he also gave me a message by the way. , let Chu Mo Shen dress over and have breakfast.

Or maybe he knows some divination, which is enough to fool ordinary people, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to bluff so many people.

The moment he sat down on the dragon chair, Chu Mochen felt nothing but comfortable. Especially the area in front of the back of the neck is very uncomfortable.

Chu Mochen hurriedly said: “Yes, I have to endure the fatigue of my mother, and it would be bad to ask the palace servants to do those things.”

Putting on his clothes, shoes and socks, Chu Mo sank down and went to court.

The clothes are middle clothes, so they can be worn in the next court. Lu Mei asked herself if she had considered it more comprehensively.

After the others left, Yu Yue sank into the wishing space and said to Qian Yanqiang: “Don’t make his appearance too messy. Do you know what face-saving skills are? You still have to be passable in person, but Chu Mochen is also a bad person. Put it down. Let him make a new pair. Anyway, there is enough material, so he can replace it with the new one tomorrow morning.”

Yu Yue answered: “The Ai family doesn’t have time to make a few more sets for him?”

You are really good at needlework, but you also learned it from the palace boy. It was just to pass the time.

I heard people say that once you finish making the shoes, you can look directly at them.

Yongxue went up, walked out of the dormitory and went to find Yonglan. She also knew what this girl said. She was really a lesson learned.

I guess you are just bad at needlework. After all, I started it myself, so I deserve to suffer.

But when I faced Yu Yue, I still had to thank her because I hated that body.

If the Queen Mother insists on wearing it for Your Majesty, if she doesn’t have her own ideas.

Yongxue didn’t know what Qian Yan was thinking. She accidentally caught a glimpse of the shoes in the basket and looked strange, but she didn’t say anything. The Queen Mother is not a fool. How could she know that those shoes can be worn by others?

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【Everyone is begging the villain heroine to be a human being】【】

Qian Yanqiang: Although, it really doesn’t make sense.

You do it anyway.

In the morning, Chu Mochen put on the middle coat and shoes and socks made by the Queen Mother with a smile. The stitching is indeed OK, but it looks like it can’t be worn.

I understand, you are so young and can save your face.

The origin of Tai Qian is mysterious, perhaps because there is nothing to rely on.

Qian Yanqiang: No time, no time, no time every day.

The worst thing is that it was difficult to survive until the end of the dynasty, and I was immediately invited to go by the people from Changding Palace.

It seems you have put in some hard work.

“Thank you for reminding me, villain. Then make a new pair. It still looks wrong on the surface.”

I looked at Lu Mei’s expression and saw that there was indeed a clue.

It seems that if you are too bad, you will lose some confidence.

I am a little empty, and I want to tease the lady in front of me, so I have some ideas for that.

When I left Changding Hall, I no longer regretted it. It was time to go back and change my clothes. At that time, I didn’t feel any pain. It hurt, but every part of Nian Ke’s body felt comfortable.

After your guidance, Qian Yanqiang has not changed a bit. The clothes are not restrictive for the first time when they are put on. Only after wearing them for a while can you realize how comfortable they are.

“Let him go up.” Yu Yue said.

On the seventh day, Yong Lan looked at the shoes outside the basket and breathed a sigh of relief. They looked barely able to wear them.

You know how to hide the needle outside Watanabe.


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