All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 4647: The Young Queen Mother (11)


The latest website: “My best skill is making shoes and socks. If the Queen Mother has any ideas, just tell me.”

“Don’t move it where it is, and don’t change it at will. This is the Ai family’s intention. If others interfere, it will not be done by the Ai family alone.”

Yonglan was holding back a lot of things she wanted to say in her heart, and finally couldn’t help it: “I dare to say something, Queen Mother, these shoes really cannot be worn by Your Majesty, they will sting your feet. If they hurt your Majesty’s feet, But what should I do?”

Qian Yan picked up the shoes, took a look at them, thought for a while and said, “The Ai family can change it themselves. You go down first. Don’t be so bold next time. The Ai family doesn’t like bold people.”

Yonglan has a lot of ideas. Although she is someone close to her, if something really happens and Chu Mochen gives her orders at the same time, Yonglan must listen to Chu Mochen.

It’s not surprising, she’s not angry about it.

The palace maid was right to listen to the emperor, but her mistake was that she had too many ideas and later tried to be Chu Mochen’s lobbyist.

Perhaps it was also due to the environment. In Yonglan’s opinion, it should be a great honor to be loved and cared about by an emperor.

She is in this era and really cannot understand people from another era.

But Yu Yueqiang expressed her reluctance, and Yonglan kept trying to persuade her. It was really annoying to look like she didn’t understand Chu Mochen’s thoughts so much.

She didn’t replace Yonglan directly because it wouldn’t affect anything. She had Yonglan in her memory. The palace maid could do everything neatly and used it smoothly, so she wouldn’t change it for the time being.

“I know my fault, and the Queen Mother will atone for my sins.” Yong Lan heard the displeasure in Qian Yanping’s calm tone, and knew that she had gone too far, and her face turned pale with fright.

“Go down.” Qian Yan waved his hand.

“Yes.” Yong Lan retreated in fear, and met Yong Xue walking in with a calm face. She took a deep breath and gave a small gesture inside.

Yongxue frowned. The Queen Mother has always had a good temper, why did she suddenly become angry?

Don’t think too much, Yonglan must have said something on her own initiative again. Fortunately, this girl was with the kind-hearted Queen Mother, but any other concubine would have been slapped so many times.

The Queen Mother is actually a good person, Yongxue thought to herself. She is a palace maid and she serves all her masters. But only with the Queen Mother, she can feel that she has never been treated as an inferior person. The Queen Mother looked at her with equal eyes, which was an indescribable feeling.

When the other person looked at her, she felt like she was a human being.

But this is a deep palace, and fortunately the Queen Mother is the Queen Mother, not a concubine, otherwise life would be difficult.

However, another problem has arisen now. Your Majesty seems to be interested in the Queen Mother, and you don’t know what to do in the future.

She is willing but powerless. As a small palace maid, all she can do is serve the Queen Mother well. How can she interfere with the rest.

“The Queen Mother.” Yongxue was prepared for the Queen Mother to be really angry and blame her.

Who would have thought that after the visit, Qian Yan did not blame him, but asked as calmly as before: “Did you get the book?”

“Already brought. Yongxue put the few books in her hand next to her, “They are all found according to the Queen Mother’s wishes. The Queen Mother will look at them first. If they are not right, I will go and look for them. ”

Qian Yan threw the shoes in his hand into the basket, picked up a book, opened it, and asked casually: “Do you know the Imperial Master?”

Yongxue was stunned for a moment, then replied: “Everyone knows what I know.”

“Please tell the Queen Mother what you know.” Yongxue thought that the Queen Mother might not know this, after all, the other party didn’t know much about Qian Guo.

Qian Yan really wanted to know about the Imperial Preceptor of the Qian Kingdom. Yu Yueqiang didn’t have much information about him in her memory. Apart from knowing that her life was approved by the Imperial Preceptor, she didn’t know the rest, so she asked the people around her. .

Yongxue had already organized her words and started to speak: “The Imperial Master is very mysterious, and I don’t know his name. He lives in Jiaoyang Temple in Nanhong Mountain and rarely appears in the capital. So far, he has appeared in the capital. There are only a handful of times, and I have never seen the face of the Imperial Master. I only know that the Imperial Master is a man of profound Taoism, especially good at divination, and it is natural to predict the wind and clouds.” (End of Chapter)


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